October 9, 2016

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The Rock It Green Series is about having a simple Conversation about Sustainability with the most brilliant people in the world, scientists, explorers, well-known actors, directors, producers and top professionals who explore the concept of being sustainable during their professional careers and share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally in hopes to Nurture, Influence, Empower, Motivate, and Inspire future Leaders of all audiences and all ages across the Globe.
Healing Seekers' Amy Greeson - The Medicine Hunter

Healing Seekers' Amy Greeson - The Medicine Hunter 

Amy Greeson is a pharmacist who travels the world in search of plants with healing properties. Her trips have taken her around the world (sometimes in treacherous conflict zones) to meet local healers and to learn their remedies. This show was so important that we assembled a team of co-hosts: Antonio Saillant from Rock it Green, Susan Sachs (a Chinese medicine practitoner) and Richard Solomon from Taking Care of Business. Amy's wesbite is www.healingseekers.com and Susan's website is www.susansachsaccupuncture.com. Rock it Green, the platform for sustainability.

Amy's work may save your life - follow her on social media and explore the world in search of the cures for the diseases that plague our planet. As antibiotics and other medicines are becoming less effective, the quest to find cures is on as we race against time as the Rain Forests and Jungles are disappearing and with it our hopes for new cures.

Linda Booker’s Last Straw

Antonio Saillant and Richard Solomon discuss with documentary filmmaker, Linda Booker’s “Straws” film. The film aims to entertain and inspire action by showing how individuals, groups and business owners around the globe are working to rid plastic straws through awareness, outreach and policy change. “Together we can make a sea of change one plastic straw at a time.” Linda’s experience playing in brooks and streams as a child instilled a love and respect for nature that now drives the mission of her company By the Brook Productions, LLC: To show stories and spotlight issues that enlighten and entertain as well as inspire solutions and possibilities for a healthier planet.

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Ep3 Linda Booker’s Last Straw


The CEO of Rubicon Agriculture, an Indiana-based agricultural manufacturing company whose flagship product, the AgroBox, is an automated hydroponic growing facility built inside of an upcycled 40' shipping container. By combining state of the art manufacturing controls automation to the growing process, Rubicon has designed a climate controlled manufacturing facility capable of growing nutritious, hyperlocal produce year-round in the neighborhoods where it is consumed, independent of the vagaries of the weather. In a US fresh produce system that gets more than 50% of all produce and 82% of all fresh greens from a systemically water deficient California, this is an industry trend combining with a climate trend, and Rubicon Ag stands ready to take advantage.


One More Generation - How Two Kids Are Saving Our Planet 

One More Generation (OMG) was founded in 2009 by 8 year old Carter and 7 year old Olivia. Carter and his Sister Olivia are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation. Following the adoption of Cheetahs in South Africa, Carter and Olivia began to question why humans would need to adopt wild animals like the cheetah. Carter and Olivia soon learned of the pressing issues surrounding endangered species, and knew they had to act.

Carter and Olivia started their own nonprofit in an effort to help educate children and adults about the plight of endangered species. Carter and Olivia’s intention is to preserve all species for at least One More Generation… and beyond.

For more information visit: http://onemoregeneration.org

Please visit http://OneLessStraw.org


One More Generation - How Two Kids Are Saving Our Planet


The People that are Passionately committed to protecting the future of our planet, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come. 
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