September 17, 2016

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Climate action starts with you.

Climate change is happening now and we need immediate action to mitigate its devastating impacts.

Antonio Saillant

I am Antonio Saillant and me and my colleague, Richard Solomon wanted to do something about the climate crisis not just in America but globally, so we decided to try something new and launched an 'Eco-Friendly' Radio Program, Rock It Green Radio.

“I think the environment should be put in line with defense. Defending our planet and using our resources is just as important as defending our country. Otherwise what is there to defend?”

Thanks so much for deciding to be part of our new sustainable radio audience, as launching Rock It Green Radio sole mission is to explore topics about sustainability in all markets that targets a global audience. With YOUR help we can reach global audiences with this important platform, Rock It Green! 

My production company, Dream Destinations LLC, "Where Dreams Become Reality," is currently producing Rock It Green.



Rock It Green Radio Series is an independent sustainable talk radio show now on multiple platforms hosted by me, Sustainable Film/Television Producer, Antonio Saillant and Taking Care of Business Radio DJ, Richard Solomon. Together, we created a Radio Series that is about having a simple Conversation about Sustainability with the most brilliant people in the world.


As the sustainable voices of Rock It Green Radio, we redefine how users connect to their passion for sustainability and entertainment through dynamic listening experiences; from live shows and including personalities on demand that are committed to protecting the future of our planet, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come.

Rock It Green Radio brings stories that make a difference, that help fight climate change and pollution around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and our planet, our future. We are building a better, more sustainable media featuring diverse voices across the country, across globally, about today’s technology. One new voice at a time.


ALL Rock It Green Radio content will remain FREE and is now available on iTunes , Stitcher , Google Play MusicSpreakerBlubrry Podcasting , SoundCloud , TuneIn , Aha Radio , Poddirectory , Player FM , PRX and YouTube . From live and custom radio to activity-based listening, sustainable discovery and news, talk and all types of entertainment, Rock It Green gives users more of real life sustainable stories across multiple devices, but your support is the only thing that can keep us going.

Now we are available on LibsyniHeartRadio and Spotify.

ROCK IT GREEN RADIO SERIES will interview the most brilliant people in the world, Scientists, Explorers, well-known actors, directors, producers and top professionals who explore the concept of being sustainable during their profession careers and share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally.


Your financial support helps us build a better sustainable media, better planet. Only with your support can we continue covering the costs of the show, including expanding to Rock It Green Radio, crew, studio rent, hardware and software, legal and accounting costs, and much more!

Green is in your future! “If people cannot find their strength to save our world, then we will probably lose every resource in our planet, from the North Pole to the South Pole and all the great land and oceans and small rivers in between. It is not just the planet we stand to lose, it is the very idea of the human race.”


We are in development and adding, Rock It Green TV, a sustainable talk show having a simple conversation sitting on top of the most sustainable Rock in New York City accompanied by Hollywood Power Players. This is a great platform for producers during the promotion of their films or television program. What a better way to promote sustainable green practices which includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising and media, and interviews with key people involved in the making of the film, like actors, directors, etc. A positive way to spread global awareness to help change the world.

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Let's start experiencing a sustainable life learning and listening from the people that are passionately committed to protecting the future of our planet, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come. If you’d like to donate on PayPal, your money will help us with production and studio costs so we can continue to create the radio broadcast and films.

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For the $50.00 per month Reward, 20% of your donation will go to The Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, an effort dedicated to finding solutions to help protect the planet.

For the $75.00 per month Reward, 20% of your donation will go to which will help bring safe water and the dignity of a toilet to people in need, giving women hope, children health, and communities a future.

"We can’t deny that the next century would be a knowledge century and the world is developing towards becoming more and more knowledge-intensive, and it will be the green technology for the development of four aspects of man’s activities: industry; manufacturing services; farming, agriculture and fisheries; and health services."

Some will be able to give a little, some will be able to give much more. Every dollar counts and goes directly to supporting the production of the show. If everyone reading this right now gave just $1, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. That's right, the price of a cup of coffee is all we need. Your donation will be used to support Rock It Green’s Campaign.