September 8, 2016



Rock It Green TV is a sustainable talk show having a simple conversation sitting on top of the most sustainable Rock in New York City accompanied by Hollywood Power Players. This is a great platform for producers during promotion of their films or television program. What a better way to promote sustainable green practices which includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising and media, and interviews with key people involved in the making of the film, like actors, directors, etc. A positive way to spread global awareness to help change the world.


Rock It Green TV is a great opportunity for a sustainable future. Saillant is a believer in reducing energy not only in productions but the world and making a serious commitment in reducing 110% + and that we make an impact on the environment by changing our behavior in a real and measurable way. We need to continue to educate ourselves and the people surrounding us so they may implement energy conservation measures to help and learn to understand and apply the best successful sustainable practices so we can reduce and reinforce this message, which will then strive to improve our environmental performance. His company, Angel Light Pictures and Planet Greenfest, expresses his vision and passion for creating energy efficiency in movies and television. The motion picture industry is such a large user of electricity for its sound stage shooting and diesel fuel for its location filming [that it is a clear target for energy conservation]. The program will be produced by Angel Light Pictures and Dream Destinations, owned by Antonio Saillant. Rock It Green will be independently produced on YouTube in hopes to be picked up for a future TV series airing on broadcast television nationwide.

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived... Rock It Green TV is officially on YouTube! Check out this playlist for all of the "Rock It Green TV" episodes.

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Consequences by Antonio Saillant
Earth needs your help -- we need you help. Join Team Rock It Green Angel Light Pictures" and Rock It Green’ Antonio Saillant: ‘We Need to Do Better’ on Sustainability. Support Rock It Green sustainable tv and radio series

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Climate Crisis by Antonio Saillant
Hello, I am Antonio Saillant and today we are faced with the greatest challenge of our time, the fight against the climate crisis. The Motion Pictures and Television Industry continue to make progress on the impacts of climate change to our only home, Planet Earth. As a man, as a father, and as an American, I’m here to say we need to act.  I urge everyone to be explicit about their plans to combat and create real and lasting solutions against this ultimate threat to our planet that can and will condemn your generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing. And that’s why, today, I'm announcing and asking that you support any climate action plan, and I'm here to enlist your generation's help in taking action to address climate change. Uniting together is the key solution. Let's discover the use of clean energy and less electricity. Building the right team is what we need, let's solve the problem today not tomorrow because tomorrow maybe too late. Earth needs your help -- we need you help. Join Team Rock It Green

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"We The People, have the power to Think Smart, a reminder Climate Change is real and not reality-tv."

Let's supports global sustainability. Join us.


What better place than to interview the celebrities on the most sustainable rock in New York City. Central Park's rich endowment of exposed bedrock, Umpire Rock is likely named for its commanding view of nearby baseball diamonds. Central Park has an unusually rich endowment of exposed, ancient bedrock — rocks that are not only highly decorative, but also contain visible evidence of epochal events dating back hundreds of millions of years.


The ROCK IT GREEN RADIO SERIES is about having a simple Conversation about Sustainability with the most brilliant people in the world, Scientists, Explorers, well-known actors, directors, producers and top professionals who explore the the concept of being sustainable during their profession careers and share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally in hopes to Nurture, Influence, Empower, Motivate, and Inspire future Leaders of all audiences and all ages across the globe.

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