September 4, 2016

Our Sustainable Team

Antonio Saillant


Antonio Saillant is a noted sustainable performance consultant, strategist, filmmaker, writer, aerospace/environmental engineer, speaker, sustainable film/tv producer and executive sustainable coach. His companies, Angel Light Pictures Entertainment and Angel Light Energy Environmental Consulting, is dedicated to assisting individuals and companies in achieving the sustainable edge quickly through enhancing both personal and business performance and raising awareness with a positive attitude about our ability to save the planet. He loves the action of words but loves the action of 'doing' better.


John F. Kennedy is Business Manager of a prominent dealership Riverdale Chrysler Jeep and sister company Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Both located in Bronx New York. John Attended QueensBorough Community College. There he Majored in Business Management and he also Minored in theater. He was also attending Acting school in Manhattan New York, at Creative Acting Company. Studied and took several classes, Soap Opera , Scene Studies, Commercial/Tv.
During that time He started his acting Career by receiving his first acting roll in a Gospel Christmas Play in Church. Mount Moriah AME In Jamaica Queens NY. It opened doors as you would say after that. Cause He then acted in a Second Play at Mount Moriah AME Church. John Kennedy Started acting in Known SoapOperas Such As All My Children, One life to Live taking on under 5 Rolls. He stared in some independent Movies and had reoccurring rolls in other TV shows such as Third Watch. Comedy Skits On Comedy Central and MTV. Although Acting was his passion. He was very Good at his Job in finance. He's been in the Car Business for 19 years. Where he Managed and help stores reach their all time sales and success. His goal and excitement was seeing the smiles on the faces of his clients as they took delivery of their Vehicles, because he helped accomplish what his clients asked of him. Knowing the Clients wants and needs is Critical to his sales and finance process. Thats how he's able to help with their selection of a Vehicle and Financing of a loan or Lease. "Loving what you do Makes your Job Easy " John Kennedy Quoted. When John Kennedy is not working or acting. He's Spending as Much time with his Kids, who are talented in their own ways thanks to their mother. Being a Co-Parent is a blessing. John Kennedy Enjoy doing activities with his Kids, Such as Movies, Sports, Working out, And get togethers. Family Time Is time one should always Make and Not take for Granted.

John F. Kennedy
Austin Kasso


Austin Kasso is a visionary, grassroots business leader, with a servant heart, social conscience, and passion to make a difference in the world. When it comes to sustainable economics, Austin marries several schools of thought in his journey to discover what works best for the long-term development of society. He founded the Public Charity, Red Giant Union, in order to carry out his vision of an abundance and variety of locally grown produce. He also pursues creative outlets and diversifies his career in Media productions, art, and marketing for an international cause. His passion for urban agriculture is the torch he carries to enlighten the obscure corners of civilization.


Richard A. Solomon is a New York State trial attorney, author, adjunct professor, and weekly radio show host. He regularly appears on radio shows throughout the U.S. as an expert on small business legal and marketing issues.

Richard Solomon
Mario Vitellozzi


After a decade of technology consulting, Mario Vitellozzi discovered opportunities at the intersection of technology and entertainment where he could find welcome company for the original dramatic and comedic stories he longed to bring to life. It started with Technical Directing and grew to Screenplay Writing, Commercial Voiceovers, Music Video Writing/ Directing and live Standup and Improv performances on stage. Mario has a naturally honest and fun personality that performs wonderfully not only on stage or in the recording studio but on the written page as well. Regarding work ethic, Mario explains, “I am as comfortable on-stage and in-front of a microphone as I am writing in Final Draft or assisting production, performing the work necessary to realize artistic endeavors with simultaneous respect for business processes regarding the creation and dissemination of the art.”
Mario has worked as a Technical Director for live events including a thousand-plus-audience Dr. Oz keynote for the American Heart Association. He was cast for voiceover and performed a twominute commercial promoting an international trade group representing $2.2 Trillion in GDP. Mario performed original Standup comedy for check-sets at the historic Broadway Comedy Club in New York. He auditioned for and earned his place in the comedy Improv Troupe “Grown-ups Playground” and performed a dozen hour-long live shows at the New York Comedy Club. Mario’s stage training includes Joy Newman's Improv Training Workshop and “The Masters' Class” for standup comedy with Frank Vignola. Mario has provided technical expertise for preproduction project management and website design. At the end of 2014 Mario was signed by Star Music Management for non-exclusive representation.
For 2015 Mario is currently writing a feature film dramatic screenplay, "The Golden Knights" for Angel Light Pictures, a heart-pounding football drama based on a true story. He is also cowriting and co-directing a music video for “Say It! Say It!” a POP/EDM band in New York. Mario has also finished an original short-film dramatic screenplay for the speculative market.
For the future, Mario is attached to re-write a feature comedic screenplay, "IF” for Angel Light Pictures. He also continues to write his four original feature-length screenplays with the hope of producing and directing them as feature films. He aspires to write and direct music videos utilizing his unique method with montages. Mario seeks additional work with entertainment companies where his unique intersection of skill-sets can provide value to production.