September 22, 2016

Letter from Antonio Saillant

ROCK IT GREEN: Our role in supporting the world.

Dear Friends,

I am Antonio Saillant and I am the founder of Rock It Green, a sustainable talk tv and radio show having 'a simple conversation' with Hollywood Power Players,  sitting on top of the most sustainable Rock, The Umpire Rock, located in Central Park, New York City. We thank you for your interest and commitment to our cause. 

Antonio SaillantThis is an ideal platform for producers to promote  their films or television programs to a global audience teaching awareness.  What a better way to promote sustainable green practices which includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising and media, and interviews with key people involved in the making of the film, like actors, directors, etc. A positive way to spread global awareness to help change the world.

Your film or television series must me sustainable and what better way for the lead actors or director to speak about Sustainability within the Entertainment Business in Film or Television and Influencing Change - Their role as Entertainment Industry Professional to set sustainable approaches for creating an environmentally soundproof industry on set and off.

Some proposed questions would be:

  1. What are you doing for yourself and others [body, mind and spirit] to be more sustainable?
  2. What are your contributing on set Or what do you see during filming that is sustainable?

For the people that can't be in NY in person we are starting the radio portion in order to make it easier for everyone involved.

The ROCK IT GREEN RADIO SERIES is about having a simple Conversation about Sustainability with the most brilliant people in the world, Scientists, Explorers, well-known actors, directors, producers and top professionals who explore the concept of being sustainable during their profession careers and share their experiences of ‘Green Awareness' globally in hopes to Nurture, Influence, Empower, Motivate, and Inspire future Leaders of all audiences and all ages across the Globe.

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And if you like to be a guest on Rock It Green and or have a sustainable business, a family member, friend or colleague who have a great story to tell, please direct them to Rock It Green info-line at 310-403-6823. Conversation is only a phone call away.




Antonio Meneses Du Saillant
President & CEO

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