September 8, 2016


We will bring stories that make a difference, that help fight climate change and pollution around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and our planet, our future.


Heather A. Kollar

Hosts Antonio Saillant and Richard Solomon interview Heather A. Kollar, CEO, h2ocleanse, LLC. h2ocleanse’s mission is simply to save our water by educating people and helping them make the best choices when it comes to water. We partner with water filtration manufacturers of both residential and commercial systems, educators, businesses and activist groups that share the same mission. Established in 1970, Multipure International is the premier manufacturer of point of use drinking water systems and holds the highest level of simultaneous contaminant reduction through NSF. They are our only partner for drinking water filtration. Heather is a National Award winner and Master Builder with Multipure. She leads Multipure's expansion in the Northeast with the charge of helping people really understand what’s going on with our water and get the cleanest water available where ever they drink, cook or bathe. Current clients include schools, hospitals, restaurants, health and fitness facilities, municipalities, and of course, homeowners and renters. In order to achieve the mission of educating and serving the masses, Heather recruits, trains and develops business builders to extend our mission’s reach. With over twenty years of corporate and private business experience, Ms. Kollar supports her team members with robust training for marketing, business development, and operations. Heather’s passion for water started early on in life when her family lived on the Mississippi River during the warmer months. In 1997 she traveled to Ghana, West Africa and was introduced to a small book called Use Water as Your Medicine by Dr. A. O. Abudu which taught her how important water is to health, as well as when and how to drink water. In 2009, as a volunteer environmental justice activist in Newark, NJ she began researching the city’s controversial water quality and learned the abysmal truth about our state of water in the 21st century. Shortly after and through independent research, Multipure was discovered as the most effective filtration system for known contaminant reduction. Thus, began the nearly decade-long relationship and the birth of h2ocleanse. Ms. Kollar is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and holds a B.A. in Communications from Fordham University.

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Anastasia Zotou

Hosts Antonio Saillant and Richard Solomon interviews Anastasia Zotou, an environmental consultant and founder of ZOTEN consulting firm. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University and a Masters in Environmental Management and Policy from the Aegean University where she graduated with honors.

Anastasia has collaborated with the organizing committees on several running races in Greece, one spanning the distance from Athens-Sparta-Athens (490 km) promoting sustainability practices along the route. As an environmental consultant in Greece she understands the necessity of reducing the negative impacts on our planet with very limited resources.

In addition to her sustainable sport events experience she has given numerous speeches to students informing them on a variety of environmental issues as well as to educators on how they can make a difference in their schools. She has also organized recycling programs in schools and organized environmental awareness campaigns in outdoor events.

Currently Anastasia is working on the newly established SandSI (Sport and Sustainability International) Programme Development Committee.   She is a certified Sustainable Event Manger and is passionate about spreading Sports and Sustainability and Green Building practices throughout Greece.

She was born and raised in Seattle, USA but currently resides in Athens, Greece. She enjoys running and hiking in her free time.



Lew Blaustein on Rock It Green RadioHost Antonio Saillant and Richard Solomon interview green sportswriter Lew Blaustein. Since the launch of GreenSportsBlog (, Lew has educated a loyal and growing audience of subscribers, including sports commissioners, team and governing body executives, and CEOs around the world about the burgeoning green and sustainability initiatives within the world of sports and the power they have to effect positive change for our environment.


José Luis Gutiérrez-García

Richard Solomon and Antonio Saillant interviews, Founder of UpGyres, José Luis Gutiérrez-García for an in-depth discussion on solutions to marine plastic pollution, which Gutiérrez-García asserted is killing sea life and poses a danger to human health. "UpGyres is proposing the PLASTIKA REPARABILIS CHALLENGE, a multipurpose tool for a global strategy to help recover plastics on land and in the oceans and convert them into resources." Is it true that “millions of barrels of oil” could be produced from plastic in the oceans? Let’s take a listen to this amazing episode, ‘THE OCEAN AS A RESOURCE FOR PLASTIC REVERSAL.'

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Taegen YardleyTaegen Yardley became passionate about saving elephants in 2014.  Taegen of “Young Voices for Wildlife” to Discuss How she Hopes to have her my voice, and the voices of other passionate young people, heard, and to create awareness about the crisis our planet’s beautiful creatures are facing.

“Young Voices for Wildlife”


Adam Laza of “Asarasi”Founder, Adam Lazar of “Asarasi” to Discuss How His Company Pioneered a Water Source Harvested from Trees.



Dr. Hugh Sealy.

Hugh Sealy, Department of Public Health and Preventative Medicine.

Interview with a Climate Expert Dr. Hugh Sealy.

Hugh is one of the lead negotiators for the small island states — the countries that are most at risk from rising sea levels and catastrophic weather patterns caused by climate change. He participated in negotiations at COP22 in Morocco in November 2016 and at the big COP21 conference in Paris in 2015, which led to the Paris agreement.







Scott MasseyOur nation's agricultural system is not only failing to meet the current food demand, but it is unacceptably wasteful and inefficient. Scott Massey is a firm believer that this has created the perfect opportunity for an automated, hydroponic appliance to disrupt multiple markets by eliminating a user's dependence on a grocery store for most produce. He has worked at the Purdue Horticulture college as an engineer for the past year on a NASA funded research project to create a hydroponic system for future space colonies. He applied his experience to a personal venture (Hydro Grow LLC) to create a fully-functional hydroponic appliance, and is currently developing his second generation model.

Although he has been self-funding the launch of Hydro Grow LLC, He recently expanded his focus to business pitch competitions for more startup capital. Hydro Grow LLC was fortunate enough to win a total of $35,000 in startup grant/investment funding in the past month at all 3 competitions. First place of $5,000 at the Innovation Connector's Big Pitch Competition, First place of $5,000 at Purdue University’s Schurz Innovation Challenge, Winner of $25,000 investment from the Purdue University’s Agcelerater Competition.

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Purdue Seniors From Tri-State Shake Up Agriculture World


Alex Beard

Abstract naturalist painter and founder of the Watering Hole Foundation .

WHY: Painter and wildlife conservationist Alex Beard made his first trip to Africa at the age of 16 with Quentin Keynes, the African explorer and great grandson of Charles Darwin. That experience, combined with his time spent at his Uncle Peter’s Hog Ranch in Nairobi - Peter (Peter Beard) is the famed African Wildlife Photographer- had a tremendous impact on Alex and his decision to become a painter and a conservationist.

His most recent solo exhibition of his work at Chelsea’s George Billis Gallery featured a new body of gestural “abstract naturalist” paintings, drawings, and prints inspired by his time spent this past summer on camel safari in the Ngare Ndare region of Kenya with the Mokogodo Masai. On Camel Safari, the centerpiece of the exhibition and title of the New York show, is a rich and complex work that explores themes of cultural and environmental connectivity in which abstraction and figuration collide. The show also coincides with the release of A Brush With Nature, a monograph of Beard’s work to be published by Glitterati Inc. with an afterward by award-winning writer Nick Paumgarten. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of the work and of the book will benefit The Watering Hole Foundation to support the efforts of conservationists in the Kenyan Ngare Ndare region.

Beard’s Background
Beard is the son of Sam Beard who co-founded the Jefferson Award for philanthropy with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Senator Robert Taft and Patricia Beard (former editor at Mirabella and Town & Country); and nephew of the renowned African wildlife photographer Peter Beard -who first exposed Alex to Africa and had a profound impact on his decision to become an artist and the great great grandson of JJ Hill, Founder of the Great Northern Railroad. He comes from a long line of philanthropists, creatives and conservationists and he is determined to help engage audiences and save the endangered environments that he loves.

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CARTER AND OLIVIA RIESOlivia Ries (age 14) and together with her brother Carter (age 15.5) started their own nonprofit back in 2009 in an effort to help clean up the environment and save endangered species for at least One More Generation... and beyond.  As the founders of One More Generation™ and K-12 students themselves, they’re constantly seeking ways for young people to be involved in the conservation and preservation of the natural world and wildlife. It’s what they love to do!

They are pleased to announce their  OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign for America’s K-12 students. Why? Did you know that 500,000,000 plastic straws are used in America every single day and most never get recycled? That’s enough to fill over 127 school busses with plastic straws every day. Plastic drinking straws contribute to world-wide pollution and are a petroleum-based product.

Their newly launched website has tons of resources and even features an interactive map which showcases schools, businesses and even communities that have taken the pledge. Campaign materials are also available in Spanish.

As you already know, environmental education is being promoted for the first time through the authorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). This gives K-12 students more opportunities to learn about conservation practices in conjunction with good stewardship. Their campaign is designed to work with and support this new Act, and offer students ways to demonstrate their commitment and make a difference, all at once.

So Tune in, on November 3 2016, when Antonio Saillant and Richard Solomon discuss this amazing campaign in detail with both Olivia and Carter Ries. 

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Amy GreesonAmy, CEO of Natural Discoveries, Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of 501c3 non profit, Healing Seekers, treks to remote biodiverse regions of Planet Earth to capture the wonders of life. Healing Seekers' educational videos have won 5 Telly Awards and available in over 50,000 schools. Together with indigenous healers, Natural Discoveries is bringing new therapies and treatments to the world.

Healing Seekers' and Natural Discoveries' Founder, Amy Greeson


LINDA BOOKERLinda Booker's experience playing in brooks and streams as a child instilled a love and respect for nature that now drives the mission of her company By the Brook Productions, LLC: To show stories and spotlight issues that enlighten and entertain as well as inspire solutions and possibilities for a healthier planet. Linda produced and directed the feature documentary film BRINGING IT HOME (Jury Award 2014 Wild and Scenic Film Environmental Festival, Best Environmental Film 2014 Sedona International Film Festival) that has reached audiences worldwide through film festivals, educational and community organization screenings and now available online. By the Brook Production's recent work in North Carolina includes videos for Clean Jordan Lake and the City of Durham on the topics of litter, storm water and watershed/lake pollution. Linda is on Green Festival's Advisory Board and a featured speaker at many of their events. She completed the Certificate in Documentary Film Arts from The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University in 2005.

GreenIsGood - Linda Booker - Bringing it Home


Chris Moorman

The CEO of Rubicon Agriculture, an Indiana-based agricultural manufacturing company whose flagship product, the AgroBox, is an automated hydroponic growing facility built inside of an upcycled 40' shipping container. By combining state of the art manufacturing controls automation to the growing process, Rubicon has designed a climate controlled manufacturing facility capable of growing nutritious, hyperlocal produce year-round in the neighborhoods where it is consumed, independent of the vagaries of the weather. In a US fresh produce system that gets more than 50% of all produce and 82% of all fresh greens from a systemically water deficient California, this is an industry trend combining with a climate trend, and Rubicon Ag stands ready to take advantage.

They recently shipped their first sale, an AgroBox L3 (Living Learning Lab) which will be used by the Bryan High School in Omaha, NE as a hands-on STEAM education classroom. Bryan is a majority minority urban high school, not typically thought of as fertile ground for an agriculture program, but they wholeheartedly embraced their concept.

Students will be able to engage in cross-disciplinary experimentation from botany, horticulture, geometry, chemistry, all the way to controls engineering. Given the current push towards STEAM education, Rubicon thinks that the AgroBox L3 will be looked at as a tremendous tool for learning and engagement.

They have gotten substantial traction on that front, engaging with Ivy Tech as well as the Indianapolis Public schools to utilize their technology to work utilizing agriculture as a tactile method of grouping together traditional STEAM education classroom work with the real life skills necessary to understand what it takes to grow America's food.

There're two longer term aims are to build both a self-sustaining unit capable of solar energy and ambient rainwater capture for off-grid use (NGOs, Military, etc), as well as pharma grade models for plant manufactured pharmaceuticals (example: the Ebola treatment that was grown in a tobacco plant and processed as the drug.)

They believe that education is a critical component of the sustainability movement, and we're excited to bring our technology to students across the US.

Company Targeting ‘Produce Problem’