Ep4 Chris Moorman, Rubicon AG’ The Agrobox

Chris MoormanAntonio Saillant and Richard Solomon discuss with CEO Chris Moorman of Rubicon Agriculture, an Indiana-based agricultural manufacturing company whose flagship product, the AgroBox, an automated hydroponic growing facility built inside of an upcycled 40′ shipping container. By combining state of the art manufacturing controls automation to the growing process, Rubicon has designed a climate controlled manufacturing facility capable of growing nutritious, hyperlocal produce year-round in the neighborhoods where it is consumed, independent of the vagaries of the weather. In a US fresh produce system that gets more than 50% of all produce and 82% of all fresh greens from a systemically water deficient California, this is an industry trend combining with a climate trend, and Rubicon Ag stands ready to take advantage.

They believe that education is a critical component of the sustainability movement, and they’re excited to bring their technology to students across the US.